Which Nfl Player Has the Highest Contract

As the National Football League (NFL) continues to grow in popularity and revenue, it’s no surprise that players’ contracts are also increasing. With the salary cap rising each year, many players are receiving hefty contracts that make them some of the highest paid athletes in the world. But which NFL player currently has the highest contract?

The answer is none other than Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. In 2020, Mahomes signed a 10-year contract extension worth $450 million, which set the record for the largest contract in North American sports history. This contract includes $141.4 million in guaranteed money and an average annual salary of $45 million.

Mahomes’ contract surpasses the previous record holder, Los Angeles Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff, who signed a four-year extension worth $134 million in 2019. Other NFL players with high-paying contracts include Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott, who signed a four-year deal worth $160 million in 2021, and Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson, who signed a four-year extension worth $140 million in 2019.

It’s important to note that while quarterbacks tend to receive the largest contracts in the NFL, other positions can also earn top dollar. For example, Houston Texans’ defensive end J.J. Watt signed a six-year contract worth $100 million in 2014 and Chicago Bears’ linebacker Khalil Mack signed a six-year deal worth $141 million in 2018.

In conclusion, Patrick Mahomes currently holds the title for the NFL player with the highest contract at $450 million over 10 years. However, with the salary cap continuing to rise, it’s only a matter of time before another player surpasses him.

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